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Accountability Services If Personal Training is too expensive or if you live outside the Rochester, MN area, try Body Balance Healthy Living's Accountability Services. You get access to a quality personal trainer who will design a customized program and hold you accountable at a fraction of the cost of hiring a Personal Trainer. All programs start with an hour-long initial consultation by phone. We will use the information we gather to create your customized health and fitness plan.  If you commit to 3 months of service, we will include enrollment into The Healthy Lifestyle Plan for Free!  You have 2 options:

  • Email Training - Correspond with a trainer every week via e-mail.  Each week you will send your trainer an e-mail and let them know how the week went.  Then, your trainer will send you out a response with a plan for the following week.

  • Phone Training- Don't like e-mail, and you'd prefer to talk to a live trainer?  Then phone training is the way to go! 

    You have 2 options:
    #1-Get 30 minutes per week to talk with your trainer.  Your trainer will discuss how the week went, answer all of your questions, and create a plan for the following week.

    #2-Do actual workouts over the phone.  This is the perfect option for busy professionals who are on the road and need to workout.  Schedule a time, and your trainer will call you and tell you exactly what to do.

If any of our Accountability services interest you, please call or contact us for pricing. 507-313-0248



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