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Post Workout
The goal when you are resistance training is to build muscle. More muscle equals a higher metabolism, better functional capacity, faster weight loss results, toned muscles, and more energy. Muscle is built and you get stronger when your muscles are broken down via resistance training and then rebuilt bigger and stronger. It's a process of breaking down and building up. You can make this process go faster by leading a healthy lifestyle and consuming carbs and protein right after a resistance workout. Immediately after resistance training your body is thirsting for nutrients to do two things: #1-begin the recovery process and #2-replenish what was used during your workout. For maximum progress, minimum soreness and the fastest recovery you'll need to supply carb calories to replenish glycogen stores, protein calories to supply amino acids, and BCAA's and Glutamine because they are the two amino acids the body relies on for energy when resistance training. Give your body what it needs when it needs it to get the most out of the time you spend resistance training.