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Fitness Equipment
The Big 3 pieces of fitness equipment are tools that will assist you when doing the 3 compound movements that will work all the large muscle groups of the body. First is a squatting movement. No exercise works the legs better, and the leg muscles are among the largest muscles in the body. Squats are also highly functional because you squat many times every day. Exercise ball squats are an excellent exercise that just about anyone can do. That's why the first of the Big 3 pieces of exercise equipment is an exercise ball. The second movement is a pulling movement. The best upper body exercise is the pull-up. Anyone can do pull-ups with a doorway pull-up bar. Just place a sturdy chair or stool under your feet and use your legs to assist you with the pull-up. The last movement is a pushing movement. Doing push-ups is a great way to work your pushing muscles although they can be hard on your wrists and shoulders. Using Perfect Push-ups takes a tremendous amount of pressure off of your wrists and shoulders, and adds variety to your push-up regimen.

Exercise Ball

price: $19.99

Doorway Pullup Bar

price: $29.99

Perfect Push-ups

Everyone should do push ups, and perfect push ups are a great tool to make push ups easier on your wrists. They also add variety to your push up program.

price: $34.99

Jump Rope

Jump Ropes are a perfect way to add high intensity cardio to your routine. Jumping rope is good for your whole cardiovascular system, coordination, balance, calves, and rotator cuff.

price: $14.99

Heart Rate Monitors

The cool thing about HR monitors is that they allow you to easily take your resting heart rate and numerically see the adaptions your heart is making in response to exercise. Take your HR after intervals when doing cardio, and 1 minute after your workout is complete (to get your heart rate recovery).

price: $59.99

Stretching Mat

A comfy mat perfect for stretching and padding when doing exercises on your knees and elbows.

price: $29.99

Stretching Rope

Add variety to your stretching program with a stretching rope

price: $14.99

Dumbells (New)

Dumbbells are one of the most tried and true pieces of exercise equipment. There are a ton of exercises that you can do with dumbbells. In addition to the sizes listed here we carry weights up to 100 pounds.

price: $0.00

Hand Grippers

Great for improving grip strength, take them anywhere! You get two.

price: $14.99


Measure how active you are throughout the day by measuring how many steps you take.

price: $9.99

Moveable Mirror

Use a mirror to check your form when exercising

price: $24.99

Ab Wheel

Want a cheap abdominal exerciser, the ab wheel can't be beat!

price: $19.99

Incline/Flat Bench

Add variety to your workout with a bench. Great for using with dumbbells.

price: $149.99